can you help us

It is important to us that we have the ability not just to re-build our motorcycles but also have spares for the future. Often there are compromises to be made when original parts are not availible and some of our machines run on parts that should be replaced.

Presently we are looking for a barrel for our Villiers 9d engine ideally with matching piston and rings and an ignition coil for our velosolex 1010.

We have a James AMC captain which has had its engine stolen in the robbery which we are hoping to fit a Villiers engine too but it would be nice to fit the original engine if we could.

 We have a James Scooter that needs an AMC 150cc barrel and piston

We are looking for any of the original James ML / Villiers spanners to enable us to complete the original toolkit.

And of course any parts for our present projects.

Enlarging the Collection

We are always on the look out for more motorcycles to add to the collection. At present we would like to add a second Velosolex possibly later (Late60s) to the collection.

We would also like to add an example of a Puch Maxi or 2 speed Puch which was once common on the road

Possibly an Autocycle or NSU Quickly or  Jawa/cz

We would also like a grass track bike or Vintage trial bike

We are interested in any motorcycle either Barn find or in a tea chest. If you have anything of interest, please email us with details at -->