Today a few generations have passed since the “Heyday” of the British and European motorcycle industry in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. Names like James or BSA or Scott and many more iconic names have begun to fade into the past. The design and development and contribution they made in the motorcycle story is now being forgotten. The once common sight of a British motorcycle on our roads is now a rare site, all the Midlands factories have closed, and the sites that sent motorcycles all over the world have been developed for housing marked only with the old road named after them, or a blue plaque to denote their former use. Comet Restorations is not a business and we don’t restore motorcycles for anyone else all the iconic motorcycles in the collection are privately owned by the Berrie family.

Comet Restorations
Mission Statement

Promote the history of the once famous British and European motorcycle industry
To restore to working order examples of the iconic vintage machines now and for the future
To rally and display our machines for a wider audience to see and appreciate
To keep the history alive for future generation
To obtain other examples for future preservation
To incorporate the history that relates to our machines within the display's where possible
To honour the veterans who fought and died for our freedom.
To promote the enjoyment of vehicle restoration and to encourage others to preserve our motorcycle history.

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