Project " Velosolex Trailer"

Whilst we were rebuilding the Velosolex 1010, we came across on a French website the sale of a prototype velosolex trailer. It was apparently made to allow a farmer to take and deliver produce. Based on the design of one wheeled continental type trailer, it never actually went into production. We made enquiries about buying it but the estimated sale value was beyond our means and the cost of having returned was not viable. But we were able to obtain pictures from the seller and some overall sizes with a view of making a copy of the prototype for our 1010.


In April the tube material was obtained and we started cutting an bending the sides and cross braces.What became of the trailer we don’t know but if anyone could add to our brief history, I would love to learn more.

Looking at the design it may have been too heavy for the Velosolex to pull or at the time demand was not there. Either way it’s an interesting project. -->