RAF Welford’s base museum is a private collection of military items operated by the Ridgeway Military & Aviation Research Group (RMARG). The museum is a private museum only open to the public by prior arrangement and home to Comet Restorations James ML and James Comet. A permanent display is being planned to show of the machines as part of RMARG’s Historic Collection. During the display season it is hoped to operate the bikes from this base to allow more people to see them. Already plans are advanced to depict the ML at the time of independence and to contrast this with the post war “Comet” as Britain entered the cold war period. In time a collection of James related pictures and posters will be added.
We are pleased to have the opportunity to display our bikes in this historic setting and grateful to RMARG for allowing us space among their historic collection.

RAF Welford on the build up to D-Day June 1944

For more details about the Ridgeway Military & Aviation Research Group visit their website at www.rmarg.org.uk or look through our links page

RAF Welford
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