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Spotlight  On Our Suppliers

Let’s be honest there are good suppliers and bad suppliers out there. There are the cheap and cheerful take your money and run and those who go the extra distance to help you. We here often never get a chance to thank the good ones and we never stop talking about the rogues that are out there and to be honest there are a few of those. How many times have you placed an order on eBay with a firm and you have been careful to make sure they are UK based only to find out the 3 days courier service promised is just a shadow trading name for a Chinese company and you’re going to wait 21 days. We have all been there. But we also want value for money. Why should you buy from a big company who just put 30% mark up on and buy from someone else on the internet?


In this section we want to try and thank those who have helped or been consistently good to us over a period. These are not paid revues, were not doing it to make money, these are our honest revues. The intension is to make others aware of our good suppliers.


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